Walk-ins are always welcomed, but to ensure you have the attention you deserve, we encourage that you book an appointment with our Orthotists.

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What to Expect

Custom Orthotic/Brace Process:

  1. Assessment/Consultation (~45 min-1 hour)
  2. Ordering/Manufacturing of your orthotic treatment
  3. Fitting Appointment (~30 min- 1.5 hour)
  4. Follow Appointment (if and when need be)

Off-the-Shelf, or Semi-Customized Orthotic/Brace Process:

  1. Assessment/Consultation
  2. Fitting
  3. Follow up if required

What to Bring to your appointment:

Please remember to bring your prescription and any details about your insurance company that may be needed to get funding for your treatment.

What to Wear?

If your concern is about your lower extremities (foot, knee, hip), please bring a pair of shorts and a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Shorts are not mandatory for foot orthotic appointments. If your concern is about your upper extremities (elbow, shoulder, back), please bring a tank top or cotton t-shirt to wear during your appointment.

Education - Orthotic Use Instructions

Why Fit Ortho Studio


At Fit Ortho Studio, it is our goal to provide the most comprehensive, current and appropriate orthotic treatment for our patients in a caring and collaborative environment. As Certified Orthotists, we have been thoroughly Educated on the specifics of human anatomy and the treatment of neuromusclar/biomechanical deficiencies and/or injuries requiring orthotic/bracing intervention.

We strive to provide the Latest in Technology; including staying current with new materials and bracing. We are proud to offer several options of foot orthotic manufacturing, including Amfit; a comprehensive and highly accurate foot orthotic 3D scanning foot impression method and modification program that allows our orthotists to accurately modify and reproduce your custom foot orthotics.

We are one of the only facilities to offer Knee and Shoulder (ankle, wrist and other available upon request) Cold Therapy Rental and Purchase options to our patients. Our rental program is based on 'first-come-first-serve', so we encourage you to call ahead to ensure sufficient stock. For further information, please contact our clinic at 604-539-2000.

All of our custiom foot orthotics are backed by a 90 Day Fit Warranty, which helps to ensure that you have the best fit and function from your orthotics. If you are unhappy with or are in any discomfort, please come in for a no-fee adjustment on your foot orthotics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

If you don't see the answer to your question below, please email us at


An orthotic is a device that supports and stabilizes the body to improve body mechanics, prevent unwanted movement or preposition the body for more efficient movement.


Beyond the obvious signs such as foot pain, acute injury, or significant oedema, you may not realize that you have a foot problem. Improper foot mechanics can lead to chronic knee, hip, and back pain; unbalanced shoe wear; decreased walking/running efficiency; and/or decreased proprioception and balance issues.


Your first appointment is an assessment appointment and we will require (if available): a prescription, medical diagnostics (X-ray or MRI report), other medical reports, standard footwear, and any insurance information.


No, our initial assessments are done with no charge involved, assuming they are conducted in our clinic located next to Langley Memorial Hospital. Off-site clinical assessments are subject to an assessment fee.


No. The cost of any orthotic device will cover the assessment, paperwork, and 3 months of follow-up care. Repairs done outside of the standard warranty will incur a repair or replacement fee.


Most custom fit orthotics (regardless of where on the body) requires some length of break-in period. Typically this is two weeks for most people, starting with small amounts of time wearing the device and slowly increasing the use. Certain orthoses (acute or trauma) will require full-time wearing immediately while some soft goods may not require any break-in period.


It depends on the item. For example, custom foot orthotics will take 1 week to fabricate, but can be done in 24 hours (rush fee applies) if required. More complex orthoses can take 2-3 weeks from start to finish. We will discuss an expected timeline with you at the assessment appointment.


Most people start to see some minor changes around two weeks after wearing. More measurable results typically take 4-6 weeks or more. Results depend on a variety of factors including the severity of symptoms, pain tolerance, region of the body, etc.


After wearing a custom foot orthosis for a period of time, initial symptoms should improve and use of the foot orthosis could potentially stop. However, the mechanical issues with your feet will still be present. Therefore, your symptoms may return if foot orthosis use is discontinued.


At Fit Ortho Studio Ltd. we fabricate all of our custom foot orthoses on site. As a result, we have the ability to modify them to fit a wide variety of footwear. That being said, some shoes just are not designed to fit an orthotic device.


How often should I have them rechecked?? That depends on a number of factors including body shape, activity level, footwear, wearing time, etc. Generally a custom foot orthosis will be viable for 1-5 years. After 2 years, you should have your custom foot orthotics checked every 6 months to one year. Children should be checked more frequently and paediatric orthoses will last about 1.5-2 shoe sizes. We do not recommend wearing a foot orthosis that is more than 5 years old due to breakdown in materials and potential foot shape changes.


There is no cost for the assessment of custom foot orthotics. Your extended health plan may cover some or all of the cost of your orthotics. You can call your extended health plan before your appointment or bring your extended health care card with you to your initial appointment and we can call on your behalf to determine you eligible coverage.


There is no minimum age to begin an orthotic intervention. The rehabilitation team including a family physician, specialists, physiotherapist, and orthotist work together to establish a plan for paediatric orthotic care. This team is also responsible for continued monitoring and charting any progress with respect to orthotic use.